Frequently Asked Questions


Does Family First Alert have any contracts?

No, unlike most companies (w/ 2-3 yr contracts) none of our


services have contracts. You can cancel anytime. 


Will my rate ever change?


No, the rate you start with is the rate you keep. Family First Alert llc

will not increase your rate. 

Is the button waterproof?

Yes. It's designed to be worn in the shower.

What's the quality of Family First Alert's products?

Family First Alert llc uses only the top quality products to service our

Clients.  Our products from 2gig, Belle, Alert One & Linear are 

the top products in the field today.

Is installing the equipment difficult?

Our equipment is designed for you to basically plug it in. It's ships


ready to use.

How does the service work after I press the button?

     Once you've pressed your button for help, it will take about 40 

seconds to one minute and you'll hear a professionally trained 

technician ask you if you're ok. At this point in time you will tell

them your issue and status of your need.  If you need an ambulance 

one will be dispatched immediately and those that you've provided

to be on your call list will be called until one answers.  If you don't

need an ambulance and just want the call list called, we will do that

as well.  If for some reason that you don't audibly answer the tech

when they talk to you, an ambulance will be dispatched and the 

call list will be called.  Our technician has to know for sure that

you're ok and that you don't need an ambulance or one will be 

called to help you. We do this for your safety!  This is our

normal procedure to follow, however upon your request, we will 

set your service up anyway that you desire, that best serves your



     The bottom line is that if you press your button you will receive


the help that you need and desire.  

            Let Us Be There For You, Or Someone You Love!

Call us today at 801-738-0005 or 304-813-7878

Corporate Offices

PO Box 1288

Pleasant Grove, Utah 84062


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