Our Medical Alert Services

No matter what type of system best suits your needs, the procedure for responding and getting you the help you need is the same.  
When you need help you just simply press your button
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Your call is answered by a professional at the call center who is there 24/7 waiting to help.

Once you tell the professional of your needs, they'll then send you the appropriate help.  If that just means calling a friend or family member, that's what they'll do.  


We of course, hope you never need to press your button needing an ambulance, but if that's the case we're ready.

During your call to the central station for help, we're getting you the help that you need, but we're also calling your call list of people that you want notified.  This allows family or friends to know what's going on and be called on if they can help.

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Our Product Line

"Belle", Go Anywhere Button is part of our top of the line technology and our most popular system because of its convenience and ability to be mobile. It allows you to take it with you, while you're on the go.  It even has the ability to triangulate between cell towers in order for help to find your location. This system works with cellular technology, but you don't have to own a cell phone to work it.  It can also be equipped with "Fall Detection" as well.            

In-Home Button is our in the home solution that allows you to live alone but not be alone.  Waterproof pendant with a range of 600 ft. This system ties in with a regular analog landline phone. (This is the type of phone line that's been around for many years.)

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Home Security Button is a FREE service that comes with the purchase of the Home Security Package.  It's the Same Service as our In-Home Button, only there's no monthly fee with this plan.                                                        
Our Wellness Program  Family First Alert llc and Alarm.com have teamed up to bring a wonderful service to the elderly. This new technology helps families feel more comfortable about their loved ones living alone.  The service alerts family when loved ones go to bed, or get up through the night, take medications, or stop moving through the home in their regular routine.  This service has multiple devices at your finger tips such as, but not limited to, our bed sensor, automated lights, movement sensors, cameras and a free app to use with your cell phone to stay connected with your loved ones.